Fund-raising information for you to print out and give to others.

(See photo above) This industrial site has been built between Plaistow, Ifold and Kirdford and has been in operation for 4 years, WITHOUT PLANNING CONSENT !

The company continues to receive MILLIONS of pounds of government ‘RHI’ subsidy PER YEAR, which is funding their planning appeals.

Do you ever see these lorries on our rural lanes?  (see photo below)

The lorries belong to Crouchland Biogas Ltd which is sited at Crouchland Farm in Plaistow.

The lorries serve the unlawful Crouchland industrial site. Crouchland Biogas have received a planning refusal and two enforcement notices (instructing them to take everything down and to stop operating as a commercial site).

Our two parishes (Plaistow & Ifold, and Kirdford) are now in the middle of fighting their planning appeals, with the tenth and last day of the Planning Inquiry on 31st July.


We need more money to pay our legal and expert fees at this Planning Inquiry. We have just launched a CrowdJustice site last week, with a target of £5,000 and a stretch target of £25,000 - although we need to actually raise £40,000. If every household gave just £12, then we would be well on the way to paying our lawyers.


Please could you help by;

  1. Making a donation (gift aided if possible) on this CrowdJustice site

  2. Thinking carefully who you could approach for funding – and send/explain the link to them

If you would prefer to donate directly to the Plaistow Village Trust then please contact

CONTACT US; PORE email; or 01403 871472;

READ THE STORY; For more details about the Crouchland Biogas saga, please scroll through these sites;


Can you spare a few hours next week?

We need some help this coming week please!

We already have 8 volunteers to each do a few hours delivering some leaflets in the area (at a time of their choosing), but we really need the crucial 'Delivery Co-ordinator' who will oversee where the delivery people go! Co-ordinator needs to be able to find a map of the local area and assign lanes for different people to cover.

Delivery people will need a car or bicycle. Easier for one person to drive and one person to jump out (ideal for child/teen!)

Can you spare a little time this coming week for either delivering or for the co-ordinator role?

Please email today, so that we can make a plan for next week.

Our greatest need is for a Delivery Co-ordinator please!


Day 10 of the Planning Inquiry

Day 10 of the Planning Inquiry

The tenth and final day of the Inquiry will be on 31st July, starting at 10am, at The Conference Suite at Brinsbury Campus, North Heath, Pulborough, West Sussex RH20 1DL.

No parking permits are required.

It will be very interesting to see Crouchland Biogas' planning policy witness Nick Leaney, from Aardvark EM Ltd, present his case and be cross-examined by West Sussex County Council and Chichester District Council, as well as the Parishes' barrister.

Wonderful to see another 10 donors today, to our CrowdJustice appeal to raise funds for this Planning Inquiry. Please keep thinking who you could approach.


Join the search for donors!

THANK YOU to the 25 people who have donated to the CrowdJustice site and to the many people who have donated at the event last week on Foxbridge Lane.

We cannot acknowledge all the donations, but please accept our gratitude.

Now we need you to think of just one person each, who you could tell about the situation. There are people who live nearby who are down country tracks and aren't aware of the Crouchland Biogas site. We need to make sure everyone is aware - and has the opp...ortunity to donate to our legal fight. We need to tell them what will happen should Crouchland win. Many more lorries; Foxbridge Lane widened; more noise; maybe more pollution events - who knows?

There must be people out there who have the capacity to help this community when we need it most.........let's try and find them and give them a chance to help us.

Join the search!

You can donate here......

'CrowdJustice' had a fantastic launch yesterday!

Our apologies that the CrowdJustice link failed to work yesterday. Some of you managed to find a way to view the page and have given extremely generously. Thank you to you all!

Our CrowdJustice target is £5,000, with a stretch target of £25,000, but remember we actually need £50,000.

Please send the page link to the appropriate people that you know - or speak to them in person and leave a piece of paper with the link on it. Be Bold!

Here it is;



Be bold! Tell everyone about our 'CrowdJustice' site, launching today.

At 8am today, we are launching our 'CrowdJustice' fundraising site, which can be found here;

Please read the page and then consider;

  1. Could you personally donate to help us reach our targets?
  2. Most importantly, could you be bold in approaching anyone who you feel would sympathise with our cause? Employers, colleagues, aquaintances, societies, clubs, organisations or even approach people you don't know, but you have heard may be supportive. Watch the news and see if that gives you ideas of organisations and individuals you could approach. Take the link with you everywhere you go, in case you meet someone you could ask.

We have just 30 days from today to reach our target, or we receive nothing.

Our best chance to is get this 'CrowdJustice' site out into the spread the word everywhere. We will be working to get the message out to the magazines and local papers but WE REALLY NEED EACH OF YOU to think very carefully about just one or two potential donors - and then to be BOLD and to approach them. Take the time to think how you will do this. Maybe this is the time to send the link to your families too?

Do email if you have any questions.

Many of you have already kindly donated via the Plaistow Village Trust, or have handed over cheques or cash donations (for cake) at the Foxbridge Lane event. If you are tax-payers and made any donation of any amount, then we urge people to get in contact in order to sign Gift Aid forms, allowing us to boost your donation by 25%. Please email the Plaistow Village Trust directly to to sort this out. Gift Aid forms can be emailed to you.

Please consider if you could donate today?




Fantastic local support!

FANTASTIC local support for the launch of the Crouchland fund-raising drive to pay for legal and expert representation at the ten day Planning Inquiry.

Cycling, horse-riding, carriage-driving, jogging and walking on Foxbridge Lane - all washed down with amazing cakes and tea.

Live BBC Radio Sussex interview from the lane.

Golf competition at Foxbridge Golf Club followed by a sell-out delicious BBQ for 90, with band, at Foxbridge Golf Club. Generous donations to the raffle.

Many cheques handed in. Ifor Trailer donated and sold for over £2000.

All - in - all, just a superb community effort. Thank you everyone.

More photos to follow - and the launch tomorrow of the 'CrowdJustice' Crowdfunding site.

You are all amazing!

(you should be able to see a single photo below, followed by a carousel of 9 more)

Logistics for Monday; 4 - 6pm

Please walk or cycle to Foxbridge if you can. Leave the parking at Foxbridge Golf Club for those coming from further afield or who need it. Share cars.

Wear fluorescent jackets if you have them. Take great care on the road and be safe.

The Beavers will need to access the Scout Hut by 5pm.

Teas and cakes, until they run out, will be available from a stall just off the lane. Raffle tickets will be on sale. Please feel free to enjoy the lane for walking, cycling and horse-riding.

An announcement will be made around 5.30pm, but this is flexible. We hope to arrange a group photo around this time, so please make sure you stay until then.

Take photos or video and send us your best ones!


Two 'First Gazette Notice for compulsory strike-off' served

Yesterday, a 'FIRST GAZETTE NOTICE FOR COMPULSORY STRIKE-OFF'' was served on Crouchland Farms Ltd and also on Farm Fuels Ltd.
However it now appears that overnight the accounts were finally filed and the compulsory strike-off action has now been discontinued.

It’s interesting to see that Crouchland Biogas Ltd, Crouchland Farms Ltd and Farm Fuels Ltd all moved their registered addresses from Crouchland Farm, Plaistow to 1, Farnham Road, Guildford, where there are 42 companies registered!

This page shows the following;
Crouchland Biogas; Net worth = Minus £10.9 million
Farm Fuels Ltd; Net worth = Minus £250,000
Crouchland Farms Net worth = Minus £790,000

And Leon Mekitarian (MD of Crouchland Biogas Ltd) is the MD or Director of these too, all registered at the same address;

Green Bubbles Co2 Ltd;
CowPow Ltd;
Biomethane (Castle Eaton) Ltd;
Biogas Renewable Energy Ltd;

There are a further 3 new companies of which Leon Mekitarian is the sole Director and which were incorporated in March 2017 and are also registered at this address;

Lower Heath Biogas Ltd;

Lower Drayton Biogas Ltd;

Biogas Support Services Ltd;

Do email us to tell us what you think!

Please could we ask everyone to print off as large a copy as possible of this poster and display along roadsides or anywhere to catch attention - and hand to friends and neighbours ASAP!