Still unsafe at Crouchland Farm

This small community continues to lose the use of 3.4 km of public rights of way, whilst waiting for William Luttman-Johnson to make the area safe by emptying lagoon 3

The 3.4 km of public paths around lagoon 3 at Crouchland Farm have been closed by West Sussex County Council to the public for the past 6 months, to protect public safety while decommissioning works are undertaken.

We went up there on Tuesday to find that no visible progress has taken place to either empty the lagoon, or restore the land.

If West Sussex County Council deem the situation to be of such danger to the public, it seems absurd that they have not insisted that the danger is removed as soon as possible. It is also noted that the land has been drained, ploughed and cleared, which indicates that various companies are exposing their workforce to dangers which WSCC deem worthy of closing public paths.

WSCC have now closed these 3.4 km of public paths for a further year, or ‘until the works are completed’.

Photos below. Fields ploughed with the pipework to the lagoons still below land and subject to enforcement, needing removal.

The dead trees a stark reminder of the damage already done around lagoon 3.