Restoration of wildlife at Crouchland Farm

It is quite mesmerising to witness the slow return of species to Crouchland Farm. The Barn Owl, not seen for 3 years in the northern fields is back. The birdsong is spectacular from dawn to dusk. The Great Crested newts abound - and we hope the dormice are also returning.

Walking on the local lanes is possible again - and we can enjoy the silence in our gardens - just as it was prior to 2013.

Don't ever think the battle wasn't worth it!

The government-backed “WILDING” project down the road at Knepp, near Horsham is phenomenal. In just 10 years, with astonishing results, Knepp has turned around an unprofitable farm on heavy clay.

Crouchlands would be an ideal second location. In fact, the rewilding has started!

The ecotourism side of the Knepp venture has been remarkably successful with people desperate to get back to nature and connect with the land. If you get the chance, do visit Knepp, take a safari or walk their footpaths.

Click on the photo on this link and watch a 1 minute video to see what they have done at Knepp;