Another retrospective planning application at Crouchland Farm

Is it Groundhog Day? Or is it all this hot weather creating a mirage?

No, it seems to be real; a retrospective planning application was submitted to CDC this month by West Sussex Agri Ltd (owners of Artemis Land and Agriculture Ltd, who in turn are the new owners of Crouchland Farm site) for the installation of “3 temporary Portakabin buildings including a two storey office and 2 single storey Portakabin buildings to be hired for 104 weeks” at Crouchland Farm .

Retrospective planning applications are those applications where you’ve constructed something without asking for planning permission first and which you should have applied for before you do the work.

Remember the whole Crouchland Biogas plant was built in the same manner; build now ask later, so it’s disappointing if after that debacle we’re still seeing structures erected on site without prior planning applications or approvals and relying on retrospective applications.

Hopefully this retrospective application won’t be too difficult for CDC to determine given that, as this new retrospective planning application states “A two storey demountable building was installed a number of years ago within the area of this proposal to serve as an office and welfare unit for the original businesses. However, now considered to be in a state of disrepair it has been removed to make way for the installation of 3 temporary Portakabin buildings”

Well actually that original two storey portakabin “installed a number of years ago” was also installed without planning permission and subsequently was specifically identified in CDC’s enforcement notice PS55 as constituting an inappropriate and harmful form of development within the rural area and had to be removed from the land.

It’s difficult to see how CDC could approve this replacement when they determined the previous one as inappropriate development in the rural area.

You can comment on the application here on CDC’s site;