Preparing for the new planning application

We see that surveyors have been out again preparing for the new planning application at Crouchlands, measuring up Rickmans and Foxbridge Lane. Are we going to see another application that looks to bring large HGVs down our narrow lanes?

We have seen some of the gas plant dismantled and removed, but there’s still plenty to get rid of in order to meet the Inspectors ruling – namely that huge unlawful lagoon and enormous digester 3.

The Consulting Engineers 'Plandescil' have been involved in AD and Pig Farms as well as Environmental assessments, so we can expect a new planning application. Let’s hope that it respects the inspector's decision that the location is entirely unsuitable for a large AD plant, that the roads are unsuitable for large HGVs and high levels of traffic and that the AD cannot import feedstock.

Of course there is still no consultation with this community; which is very strange considering that was seen as a significant failure on the part of the previous management.

We will of course continue to ensure that the councils and the Environment Agency protect this rural area as the inspector ruled.