Interesting indeed! Phil Gerrard of Privilege Finance appointed to board of ADBA........

We see that PHIL GERRARD from PRIVILEGE FINANCE has been appointed to the board of ADBA, the trade association for the Anaerobic Digestion industry.

Mr Gerrard was a director of CROUCHLAND BIOGAS from 27th February 2017. Privilege Finance were the investors providing funds for Crouchland Biogas (over £40 million), which was hardly been a poster girl for the industry; having been found to have developed unlawfully and of course having had several environmental spills from AD lagoons which had no EA permit to hold the digestate.

We understand that Privilege run several other AD businesses and believe they do not suffer from the issues that Crouchland did, so we’re hoping Crouchland was a one-off (unless anyone knows otherwise) and are hoping that lessons from the Crouchland Biogas saga have been fully learnt.

Mr Gerrard says in this press release; 'At Privilege we play an important role in not just providing AD projects with finance, but also advising on their ongoing development and day to day management issues. We take a long term, sustainable approach to our infrastructure lending which encompasses a strategic vision for the projects we support.”

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