The Environment Agency has failed us

Look what happened the last time that the EA allowed the storage of digestate in a unpermitted lagoon.

That was in 2014 and 2015 when the EA knew (because we told them) that Crouchland Biogas was storing digestate (containing plastics from foodwaste) in lagoon 2. The EA did absolutely nothing to stop the storage of digestate until that lagoon catastrophically overflowed due to mechanical failure of machinery and caused widespread pollution including the loss of 70 acres of prime grazing land for the neighbouring farmer.

So 3-4 years on, there’s been no prosecution by the EA for the 2015 or 2016 pollutions and, can you believe it, we now have the situation that the EA know again that digestate is being stored in another, and much larger, unpermitted lagoon (lagoon 3).

Forget the planning enforcement notices, this is separate to planning………..this is an EA issue only. We have now been advised that our FOI request to learn what is happening with lagoon 3 has been turned down. Understanding what is going on at lagoon 3 is absolutely in the public interest and we have the right to join in the debate and challenge decisions.

Photo 1 shows where the digestate poured over the edge of lagoon 2 in June 2015.
Photo 2 shows the path of the spill, which continued for around 1.5 kilometres through farmland and ancient woodland.

Nine months later yet another lagoon (4) overflowed, covering local land and causing death of all aquatic invertebrates for 2 kilometres. Over 50 EA staff were involved in the clear up operation from this polluting spill, taking over 3 weeks.

Spill 4.JPG