Fancy that!

Next week, you can buy yourself a 'Timber Framed TWIN CAR PORT approx 10m x 6m' at Crouchland Farm.

Believe it or not it's actually the structure that Aardvark EM insisted was a 'WOODSTORE' in the dismissed appeal, after the applicant built it without planning consent in ancient woodland.

At least the administrators have corrected Aardvark EM, the Environmental Consultants who fought for years supporting Crouchland Biogas Ltd.

It's nigh on impossible to understand why Aardvark EM's sister company, Aardvark Certification Limited (ACL), are the company chosen by ADBA to run the new national ‘AD Certification Scheme'.

Aardvark EM's website states proudly 'Specialising in solution provision we are not afraid to think laterally and out of the box. We provide innovative processes, designs and planning solutions for major infrastructure projects including power generation, wastewater treatment, industrial and environmental clean-ups. We understand the importance of delivering robust technical data to identify, quantify and mitigate potential environmental impacts meeting regulator, client and investor requirements.'

They certainly thought laterally; failed to produce any solutions - and certainly did not mitigate the environmental impacts which caused widespread pollution in our parishes. In fact they were not visible during the weeks of clean up operations. They also failed to protect the health of so many trees at Crouchland Farm.......

Needless to say their website talks of a few case-studies, but absolutely no mention of the carbuncle of a case that they consulted and drove at Crouchland Biogas.

Here is the link to the car port!…/Crou…/item/160696_No_Make_No_Type