Chichester District Council must take action to ensure immediate enforcement compliance

We are trying to find out what legal steps CDC are taking to enforce the removal of the unauthorised garage/woodstore at Hardnips Barn (which was subject to a CDC enforcement notice with a compliance date of October 2017).

We understand that this building is the responsibility of the administrators of Crouchland Farm/ Crouchland Biogas. The compliance date was 5 months ago, and the council record of contraventions in February this year included a note dated 9th January that the building would be “removed in 2 weeks” and it is now a further 6 weeks on from that.

We are concerned for the precedent being set when there is the much larger enforcement of the unlawful AD equipment due by April 2019. After 5 months we have seen no unlawful equipment dismantled or leave site and we are concerned that the date will come & go without compliance.

Any failure by the council to take legal steps regarding the Hardnips woodstore will surely send the message that enforcement action can be ignored with impunity.

Photo 1 shows the 'woodstore' built unlawfully in Ancient woodland. The other photos show the property Hardnips Barn, where the 'woodstore' is found.