CDC explains that Meeting 'Minutes' were incorrect

You may remember the minutes of a November meeting held at Chichester District Council which we received in January via a Freedom of Information request? This meeting was attended by the EA, CDC, WSCC and a TK-Law Solicitor - which led us to believe that Crouchlands were looking at ways they could keep the big lagoon 3, lagoon 4 and AD 3 - and how we were horrified that this looked like a work-around of the Inspector's decision to remove them.

Well, we have been contacted by the head of CDC legal who has said that these were wrongly labelled “minutes” because they were not agreed minutes and that significant parts of the notes appear to be incorrect and on that basis he has asked us to remove them. He also said that there was no express or implied statement by officers of the TK-Law company that the Appeal Decision was being ignored, maligned or undermined.

Obviously this comes as a great relief to hear that those notes/minutes were wrong and that Crouchland will be adhering to the Inspector's decision by removing the unlawful lagoons, AD 3 and other unlawful equipment.

As yet we’ve seen no removal of unlawful equipment from the site. They were given 18 months to comply; 5 months have passed and it would be nice to think that we’ll start seeing some significant removal of equipment from the site soon.

You will also be saddened to hear that there are currently just 8 cows and a few calves left at the farm and that these will have gone in the next two weeks. The buildings are empty and the site is silent. We await the next instalment.