Two year extension granted for enforcement at Crouchland Farm

CDC planning committee agreed today to a two year extension to the enforcement notice regarding the decommissioning of lagoon 3.

This now takes the date of compliance to May 2021 and will include the largest Digester 3, Lagoon 3, plus the Separator, Lagoon 4 and Pipework (all apparently needed for the decommissioning of lagoon 3).

So these parts of infrastructure will now remain for yet another 30 months, whilst funding and a contractor is hopefully found for the decommissioning process

Photo 1 shows the lagoon 3 last week
Photo 2 shows lagoon 4 in the foreground with digester 3 on the left and the separator on the right
Photo 3 shows the construction of digester 3 in July 2013 - and which still needs to be removed with the ground returned to its original state

Location of 3rd digester 10th July 2013.JPG

Watch catch-up of BBC SOUTH from last night, after the main 6pm and 10pm news, for coverage and comment from our community representatives, plus the Environment Agency.

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Listen to yesterday morning's coverage before the planning meeting on Radio Sussex - scroll the bar to 1.41.45;