After a whole year, the administrators give Council a 7 day deadline!

So after more than a year the Administrator has written to CDC telling them that they can't comply with the enforcement notices to clear up the digestate lagoon 3.

They claim that Privilege Project Finance (the financial backer of Crouchlands Biogas), who are already down over £50m, would, in principle, be prepared to fork out another £5m to fund the clear up, but only if CDC extend the enforcement deadline for another 2 years until 2021.

Oh, and they gave CDC just seven days to confirm that the enforcement deadline would be extended!

That deadline expired on the 8th October. If CDC don't extend the deadline, Privilege will keep the farm but not the digestate lagoon, leaving the clear up cost to the taxpayer.

The letter written to CDC is shown below. In our view to 'Agree in principle' is not exactly a guarantee, and hardly fills one with comfort or confidence that they will clear up the environmental mess which they themselves funded.

Or try this link - see item no 12 and click on Appendix B;