Over £40 MILLION owed by Crouchland Biogas to main creditor, Privilege Finance

Crouchland Biogas is in administration, with their main creditor alone, Privilege Finance, owed OVER £40 MILLION POUNDS.

The Directors of Crouchland Biogas (excluding those now appointed from Privilege Finance) over the past few years have been; (Ewen) Angus Cameron, William Luttman-Johnson, Leon Mekitarian, Barry Evans (resigned March 2016) and Graham Woolfman (resigned December 2014).

It is almost beyond belief that this company could secure such funding without planning consent. Perhaps it is not just this community that has been lied to.

The forensic department of the Administrators will be facing a real challenge - but we are sure they up to it. There are multiple questions to answer and the actions of these people will be under the spotlight.