Two 'First Gazette Notice for compulsory strike-off' served

Yesterday, a 'FIRST GAZETTE NOTICE FOR COMPULSORY STRIKE-OFF'' was served on Crouchland Farms Ltd and also on Farm Fuels Ltd.
However it now appears that overnight the accounts were finally filed and the compulsory strike-off action has now been discontinued.

It’s interesting to see that Crouchland Biogas Ltd, Crouchland Farms Ltd and Farm Fuels Ltd all moved their registered addresses from Crouchland Farm, Plaistow to 1, Farnham Road, Guildford, where there are 42 companies registered!

This page shows the following;
Crouchland Biogas; Net worth = Minus £10.9 million
Farm Fuels Ltd; Net worth = Minus £250,000
Crouchland Farms Net worth = Minus £790,000

And Leon Mekitarian (MD of Crouchland Biogas Ltd) is the MD or Director of these too, all registered at the same address;

Green Bubbles Co2 Ltd;
CowPow Ltd;
Biomethane (Castle Eaton) Ltd;
Biogas Renewable Energy Ltd;

There are a further 3 new companies of which Leon Mekitarian is the sole Director and which were incorporated in March 2017 and are also registered at this address;

Lower Heath Biogas Ltd;

Lower Drayton Biogas Ltd;

Biogas Support Services Ltd;

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