Fund-raising information for you to print out and give to others.

(See photo above) This industrial site has been built between Plaistow, Ifold and Kirdford and has been in operation for 4 years, WITHOUT PLANNING CONSENT !

The company continues to receive MILLIONS of pounds of government ‘RHI’ subsidy PER YEAR, which is funding their planning appeals.

Do you ever see these lorries on our rural lanes?  (see photo below)

The lorries belong to Crouchland Biogas Ltd which is sited at Crouchland Farm in Plaistow.

The lorries serve the unlawful Crouchland industrial site. Crouchland Biogas have received a planning refusal and two enforcement notices (instructing them to take everything down and to stop operating as a commercial site).

Our two parishes (Plaistow & Ifold, and Kirdford) are now in the middle of fighting their planning appeals, with the tenth and last day of the Planning Inquiry on 31st July.


We need more money to pay our legal and expert fees at this Planning Inquiry. We have just launched a CrowdJustice site last week, with a target of £5,000 and a stretch target of £25,000 - although we need to actually raise £40,000. If every household gave just £12, then we would be well on the way to paying our lawyers.


Please could you help by;

  1. Making a donation (gift aided if possible) on this CrowdJustice site

  2. Thinking carefully who you could approach for funding – and send/explain the link to them

If you would prefer to donate directly to the Plaistow Village Trust then please contact

CONTACT US; PORE email; or 01403 871472;

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