Join the search for donors!

THANK YOU to the 25 people who have donated to the CrowdJustice site and to the many people who have donated at the event last week on Foxbridge Lane.

We cannot acknowledge all the donations, but please accept our gratitude.

Now we need you to think of just one person each, who you could tell about the situation. There are people who live nearby who are down country tracks and aren't aware of the Crouchland Biogas site. We need to make sure everyone is aware - and has the opp...ortunity to donate to our legal fight. We need to tell them what will happen should Crouchland win. Many more lorries; Foxbridge Lane widened; more noise; maybe more pollution events - who knows?

There must be people out there who have the capacity to help this community when we need it most.........let's try and find them and give them a chance to help us.

Join the search!

You can donate here......