Be bold! Tell everyone about our 'CrowdJustice' site, launching today.

At 8am today, we are launching our 'CrowdJustice' fundraising site, which can be found here;

Please read the page and then consider;

  1. Could you personally donate to help us reach our targets?
  2. Most importantly, could you be bold in approaching anyone who you feel would sympathise with our cause? Employers, colleagues, aquaintances, societies, clubs, organisations or even approach people you don't know, but you have heard may be supportive. Watch the news and see if that gives you ideas of organisations and individuals you could approach. Take the link with you everywhere you go, in case you meet someone you could ask.

We have just 30 days from today to reach our target, or we receive nothing.

Our best chance to is get this 'CrowdJustice' site out into the spread the word everywhere. We will be working to get the message out to the magazines and local papers but WE REALLY NEED EACH OF YOU to think very carefully about just one or two potential donors - and then to be BOLD and to approach them. Take the time to think how you will do this. Maybe this is the time to send the link to your families too?

Do email if you have any questions.

Many of you have already kindly donated via the Plaistow Village Trust, or have handed over cheques or cash donations (for cake) at the Foxbridge Lane event. If you are tax-payers and made any donation of any amount, then we urge people to get in contact in order to sign Gift Aid forms, allowing us to boost your donation by 25%. Please email the Plaistow Village Trust directly to to sort this out. Gift Aid forms can be emailed to you.

Please consider if you could donate today?