Traffic Commissioner DECISION.

Traffic Commissioner DECISION from the 29th March Public Inquiry into Farm Fuels Ltd (owned by Crouchland Biogas Ltd.,

  1. 'Formal warning' issued for the breaches of condition in respect of the Woking operating centre;
  2. Undertaking added to the licence that ‘Mr Leon John Mekitarian shall take no part in the management, administration or control of the transport operations’;
  3. Applications to increase the authorisation t...o 12 vehicles and 18 trailers and to authorise the use of 2 operating centres in Yapton and Horsham are granted;
  4. The addition of Jonathan Mayes as transport manager approved; Costakis Mina removed as transport manager.

The company also applied for a further operating centre in Storrington which has met with some opposition and as a result the company have requested that it be allowed to continue to operate from the Woking site until that matter is disposed of. The Traffic Commissioner has agreed to this with the reminder that it must abide by the conditions that are attached to the use of that site.