What's the Inquiry all about?

What's the Inquiry all about?

Many people from further afield are asking us why the Inquiry is going on so long. The problem is the disagreement of the Councils with Crouchland Biogas's new baseline scenario. Of course the impact of any development (enormous Industrial AD site or other) must be compared with the baseline site.

Crouchland Biogas assert that the proposed development (which is already built and was refused retrospective planning permission by WSCC) - would resul...t in a DECREASE in HGVs compared to the baseline (or fallback) 'on-farm' AD plant. As a result, they say that the proposal is a BENEFIT to this community, as it decreases the impact of the HGVs!

Of course we have all lived here since before the plant was built 6 years ago and we KNOW that the HGVs have blighted our lives and compromised our safety.

Crouchland Biogas claim that if their appeal were dismissed, then they would return to this new baseline plant; increase their dairy herd to 850 cows (from circa 250) somehow housed in the same cow-sheds; import huge amounts of straw on which to bed them, import their feed; put the farmyard manure in the digesters and then export all the digestate and gas. That is their new fallback/baseline position.

It is this new baseline proposal which is under intense scrutiny at the Inquiry.

Hope that helps!