Day 6 of the Public Inquiry

Day 6 of the Planning Inquiry

Mark Clayton, technical consultant for Crouchland Biogas finished being cross-examined by the Parishes' barrister, Victoria Hutton.

Rory McHugh, the Transport witness from Hydrock Consultants, for Crouchland Biogas was then cross examined for most of the rest of the day.

The afternoon closed with John Burgess from Swan Paul Partnership, the Landscape and Visual witness for Crouchland Biogas presenting his case.

The Planning Inspector has explained the need to extend the length of the Inquiry for yet another day. What started as a six day inquiry is currently looking at ten days, but as Mr Clayton their technical expert explained, the appellant is well-funded.

The Inquiry reconvenes on friday, 12th May at 10am.

A site visit from the Planning Inspector will take place next thursday afternoon.