Day 8 of the Inquiry

Mr Ian Powell, Agricultural witness for Crouchland Biogas was cross examined mainly regarding the carrying capacity of the existing dairy with regard to the fallback position. He disagreed with most of the conclusions reached by Webb Paton in their report for the proposed new mega-dairy, which is surprising as both were appointed by Aardvark and both were giving their expert views on the state of the current dairy buildings.

Mr Peter Atwood, the Noise witness for Crouchland Biogas was then cross-examined for the remainder of the day.

The Inquiry starts again tomorrow at 10am when Mr Laurence Caird (Air Quality witness for Crouchland Biogas) and Mr Colin Hicks (Ecology witness for Crouchland Biogas) will be cross examined. Following this, it is hoped that the 'Conditions' attached to the plant will be discussed, in the event that the appeal is allowed.

The final and 10th day for the Inquiry will be on Monday 31st July.