Day 3 of the Public Inquiry

Day 3 of the Public Inquiry

Location; The Conference Suite at Brinsbury Campus, North Heath, Pulborough RH20 1DL

The day started at 9.30am with Reuben Taylor QC (barrister for Crouchland Biogas Ltd) continuing his cross-examination of Jane Moseley, WSCC Planning.

Reginald Hawks, CDC Enforcement then presented his evidence and was cross-examined.

After lunch, The Parish Councils' Anaerobic Digestion Expert, Dr Les Gornall presented his evidence. The Planning Inspector, Ms Katie Peerless agreed after cross-examination, that it would be helpful for Dr Gornall and the Crouchland Biogas technical expert, Mark Clayton, (Managing Director of Aardvark EM Ltd) - to get together and to discuss their differences in evidence. It was felt that the technical nature of the detail would be better discussed between the experts, rather than in the public arena. They would then feed back to the Inquiry.

The day ended with the Parish Councils' Transport Consultant, Mr Simon Watts starting to present his evidence, which will continue from 9.45am tomorrow. After the cross examination of Mr Watts, Mrs Sara Burrell, Chair of the Plaistow and Ifold Parish Council will present her evidence.

Grateful thanks to all the residents who continue to pop in and show their support - and to District and County Councillors who have also attended.

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