Day 1 of the Inquiry

The Conference Suite at Brinsbury Campus, North Heath, Pulborough RH20 1DL was completely full for Day 1 of the Inquiry.

At the outset, the Planning Inspector, Katie Peerless, explained that 3 more days need to be found, in order to extend the Inquiry to ten days, so that all the evidence can be heard.

Opening statements were made by West Sussex County Council, Chichester District Council, Plaistow & Ifold and Kirdford Parish Council, plus from the Appellant, Crouchland Biogas.

After lunch, two local residents gave short statements explaining the impact of the development on their lives. This was followed by the proof of the WSCC Agricultural Consultant Peter Danks, plus cross examination by the Appellant.

There are 15 witnesses to be called to the Inquiry - and today we only heard from the one witness. It is clearly going to be a very protracted affair.

It is well worth popping in to support. You need a car park permit which can be sent to you by email, by contacting

If you do come to the Inquiry, please make sure that you sign the attendance sheet each day. 10am start - 5pm.