Inquiry next week - logistics.

Your support of the Parish Councils will be much appreciated over the next two weeks, if you are able to attend any of the Inquiry, even for a few hours.

Participants in the Inquiry include;

Plaistow & Ifold Parish Council, Kirdford Parish Council, four barristers, WSCC, CDC, experts from various fields of work including anaerobic digestion, highways, ecology, air quality, transport, planning, noise - plus a number of local residents. Crouchland Biogas will be fully represented and our community may be interested to finally see some of the directors and management of the company.

Location: The Inquiry will be held at the Brinsbury Campus of Chichester College – postcode RH20 1DL, midway between Pulborough and Billingshurst on the A29.

The Inquiry will be held in the part of the campus to the east of the A29. It will be upstairs in the Conference Suite in ‘The Hub’. There will be signs directing everyone towards the building so hopefully it will be straightforward.

Anyone parking at the site needs to display a parking permit. These can sent by email to you, by emailing  These must be printed in colour, with your car registration indicated. There will be spares printed off if you forget. A map of the Campus can also be emailed to you. 

The disabled parking is located at the front of the Hub closest to the lift up to the Inquiry room. The main entrance to the building is at the rear, via the general parking area. 

Refreshments There is a canteen downstairs and a small Costa coffee facility.

Dates;  Held over 6 Non-Consecutive Days from 10am: Tuesday 25 April, Wednesday 26 April, Thursday 27 April, Friday 28 April, Wednesday 3 Mayand Thursday 4 May. There is a possibility that the Inquiry will continue beyond this.