Rural quietude, as it's always been -or an industrialised HGV horror?

  1. There have been some recent gorgeous spring days. A walk up Foxbridge and Rickmans Lane is a timely reminder of how beautiful the area is.

    The public inquiry into Crouchland is fast approaching.

    This photo was taken last week on Foxbridge Lane - a lane that Crouchland want to widen so they can run over 9,000 HGVs up and down a year (over 34 a day on average, but many more in peak times).

    We sincerely hope that the Councils' policies of protecting this rural area are upheld and that Crouchland are firmly denied their plans for an industrial sized waste plant - and remember they've already built it without permission !


2. Crouchland Biogas has been blissfully quiet for the past week and the HGVs have reduced in number.

These notices are now displayed all around the site, including up around the lagoons.

Perhaps the Planning Inspector has paid her visit? If so, she will most certainly have seen our tranquil, rural countryside.

Remember the Inquiry goes on for at least 6 days.

3. Just a reminder;

Photo 1 - the entrance to the Crouchland Biogas Site, with walkers on the bridleway - taken back in 2014.

Photo 2- shows an HGV exiting the Site (one of the proposed 9000 per year) whilst the Environment Agency Incident van deals with the pollution from the site - taken in June 2015.