Leon Mekitarian's resignation is welcomed by the Traffic Commissioner

Leon Mekitarian’s offer to resign as Chairman of Farm Fuels Ltd is welcomed by Sara Bell, the Traffic Commissioner;

Residents assembled at 9am on Wednesday in Eastbourne in order to support their evidence, as requested for the Traffic Commissioners Public Inquiry. Proceedings were then delayed until 10.30am as the Traffic Commissioner needed to review a new pack of information from the Operator.

Farm Fuels admitted multiple breaches to the operating hours of their Operating Centre in Woking but explained that they had made this mistake as they thought they could leave the centre at 6am, rather than 6.30am. It seems only the local residents were acutely aware of the operating hours of their operating centre – hardly difficult as it had been the topic of conversation at the previous Inquiry when they received a suspension.

Farm Fuels also agreed that HGVs have been travelling around 4am through the local parishes.

Farm Fuels also explained that HGV’s have been parking overnight at Link Farm in Pulborough.

The Traffic Commissioner agreed that, contrary to previous thoughts, the trailers were not prevented from being used by a contractor during the suspension period and that it was only the tractor units that could not be used.

Leon Mekitarian attended the Inquiry as a representative of the share-holders.

The Traffic Commissioner explained to him that he had not fulfilled his obligations as a Director of the company. The Farm Fuels' barrister then offered Leon Mekitarian’s resignation as Chairman of Farm Fuels Ltd, which was welcomed by the Traffic Commissioner. She added that if he'd stayed with any control she would have been minded to revoke their licence.

Prior to last month, Mr Mekitarian had been the sole Director of Farm Fuels, but he was recently joined by Trevor John Gamble.

The Traffic Commissioner thanked the residents and said they were truly holding them to account. She hoped now that the company would ensure no further breaches. The session ended around 6pm.