The plans of Provilege Project Finance and SGN?

What exactly are PRIVILEGE PROJECT FINANCE and SGN planning for the Crouchland Biogas site?

It is now 2 months since the planning inspector dismissed the Crouchland Biogas appeals. As we now know the business soon went into administration and is currently being run by the administrators, who we are told are looking to sell the business as a going concern. We understand that the AD is not currently in use and that importation of feedstock has ceased, as required by the Inspector.

BUT we remain very wary - all the unlawful equipment is still sitting there, we have not seen one piece move off site in the past 2 months. It seems that what were touted as “mobile pieces of equipment on metal skids merely requiring to be disconnected with bolts, or easily-moved shipping containers,” (when they wanted to play it down with the planners), have suddenly become immovable behemoths requiring months of decommissioning.

One such piece of equipment is the unlawful Purac plant supplied and owned by SGN (the national gas company). It is predominantly formed of shipping containers which they managed to transport across from Sweden and install in a matter of weeks, so why are they finding it so hard to move it now? SGN, despite our protests continually told us they would wait for the due planning process to play out – well it has SGN - and your equipment is unlawful. They were given 18 months to remove unlawful equipment. Are you telling us that a national gas company responsible for the country’s pipeline infrastructure doesn’t have the capability to remove it – any cynics out there?

Is there another plan being concocted to help soothe PRIVILEGE PROJECT FINANCE'S whopping £37 million losses? It’s hard to see how anyone would want to buy this ‘on-farm’ AD as a going concern as the Inspector has clearly limited its potential. The Inspector’s decision proved beyond doubt that the site location is completely unsuitable for anything requiring HGVs importing & exporting - and it has such a toxic history, so why don’t Privilege just get it liquidated and be done with it?

The peace and quiet that has resulted from the cessation of the HGVs and machinery noise at all hours, is quite remarkable. Many residents have commented on how it has been transformational – but of course that is what it was always like - before Crouchland Biogas decided to expand without permission.

As a community we will need to be super vigilant that no other inappropriate use rises from the ashes and we must hold the planners to account to ensure this – and we will.

Keep your banners up!

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