Gas Bus Alliance

In March 2016 PORE received a letter stating “The Gas Alliance Group (including Gas Bus Alliance) no longer take any Biomethane from Crouchland Farms Ltd or Crouchland Biogas Ltd” and legal action is threatened should anyone “communicate any information to any Bodies or Persons which is contrary to this statement”. The signatory was Tony Griffiths, former General Manager - MAN UK bus operations.

A letter was also received stating that there was no commercial or other relationship with Crouchland.

It is interesting to therefore see that one of the current creditors of Crouchland Biogas is in fact GAS BUS ALLIANCE (to the tune of £18,480) with the last transaction on the 1st August 2017!

Past Crouchland Biogas Director, BARRY EVANS (who resigned on 29th March 2016) is a current Gas Bus Alliance Director.

Past Crouchland Biogas 'Financial Director Designate' WILLIAM CARR (resigned October 2016) is the current Chief Financial Officer of Gas Bus Alliance.