SGN and the 'Green Myths' exposed.

This week’s 'Mail on Sunday' article (in previous posts) has exposed many of the supposed “Green benefits” of AD to be little more than spin; something we as local residents have long felt, not least because of the thousands of HGV movements required.

The reality is that AD is a gold rush for government subsidies which lines the investors pockets but does little to solve the country's energy issues....

With the millions of pounds of subsidies on offer it’s not surprising that Crouchlands went hell for leather to expand without planning permission.

The subsidy prize has clearly far outweighed any inconvenience or cost of challenging enforcement notices and appeals.

If governments fail to put in the proper checks and balances it’s not surprising that investors will take advantage. What is surprising however, is that a major gas company like SGN, who is entrusted with this country's gas supply and all of the legislation and safety procedures that this entails, were prepared to part fund Crouchlands unlawful activities, funding equipment when it was clearly pointed out that the proper planning permission was not in place – surely this is an area for Ofgem to investigate further.

SGN, contrary to these photos below, are not enhancing community safety in any way - and in fact, as they are offering, we continue to request them to disconnect Crouchland Biogas from their network of gas suppliers.

Hopefully the 'Mail' article will prompt companies to dig a bit deeper before pinning their colours to what they are told is green