Humbled by the strength and determination of this community.

Crouchland Biogas has submitted 405 pages of brand new documents in the past 5 days. These documents render all their previous documents from the past 3 years redundant, as they disclose their proposed new baseline for their appeal of their refused planning application.

This community, via the Parish Council, is now left with just 9 working days to prepare their response to these 405 pages!

We are HUMBLED BY THE STRENGTH AND DETERMINATION of this amazing COMMUNITY, who are 1...00% united and who have temporarily dropped their working lives in order to form the amazing team, supported by you all, to ensure that we will not be steam-rollered by this company.

The endless twists and alterations to their documents have produced multiple conflicting statements. We are so very fortunate to have a core of dedicated residents who have read each and every page over the past 3 years.