Foxbridge Lane closed for further repairs at taxpayers expense.


During one of the short 15 minute closures of the lane, three of the culprits, Farm Fuels tankers supplying Crouchland Biogas, queue and wait as WSCC repair the damage they've done, yet again.


Remember that Foxbridge Lane was completely re-built just over a year ago, costing around £190,000.

Hopefully it will be clear to all and sundry, but particularly the authorities, that this is not an appropriate HGV route and that therefore the AD plant should be scaled back to what it has permission for – a small scale on-farm AD to process manure & slurry produced on the farm and not importing waste by HGV.

Just to remind us all, WSCC defines small scale as 50,000 tonnes/annum, but they say anything over 20,000 tonnes is unlikely to be acceptable in rural areas – Crouchlands have applied to the EA for a permit to handle 75,000 tonnes/annum and we know the capacity is easily north of 100,000 tonnes. Tonnage is directly related to HGVs, emissions , noise and everything else that has a negative affect on our tranquil village, which CDC states is rare and worthy of protection.

Building a Mega-Dairy is clearly CBG's next hope to be able to deliver the huge tonnage of waste that they’ve built their unlawful plant to handle – but the point is that it’s the capacity of the plant in that location that is inappropriate, because large tonnage, even if generated on-farm, still equals thousands of HGVs to export the digestate and gas.

And remember all these highways repairs and rebuilding are only necessary because of Crouchlands HGVs (up to 60 a day) and it's you, the taxpayer footing the bill, in addition to the £5m of government RHI subsidies that Crouchlands have received; all for building a plant of this scale without permission, putting our highway safety at risk, destroying the peace and amenity of this rural area and using thousands of tonnes of maize which the government has now decided isn’t very green – and there you have it, A FARCE WORTHY OF 'YES MINISTER', just another RHI scandal!

Action is long overdue and we hope the planning inspector sees the sheer folly of this at the April appeal.