9,764 tonnes of extra carbon dioxide per year into Plaistow air!

How much carbon dioxide is released into the Plaistow air each year from the CO2 removal plant at Crouchland Biogas, just to clean up the biogas?

The answer comes from their own document for their application for a new Environment Agency permit - and it is sobering.

9,764 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year - that's equal to the amount that would be emitted by one of the following;

The energy use of an average house could be met for 751 years.

A 747 could fly for 12.84 days, non-stop.

1,915 cars on the road for a year.

Plus 124 tonnes per year of methane (CH4) from the AD tank vents and the compressors only.

Plus 64 tonnes per year of Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)