WSCC take action!

WSCC can act when they want to.

A local resident, Harry Rudd, who put some protest signs up on the verge a couple of days ago had them removed today by WSCC workmen sent out to remove them.

Of course WSCC own the verges and are only enforcing the rules. It just seems such a shame that Crouchlands have been able to construct an industrial AD plant contrary to the planning rules - whilst WSCC in over 3 years have spectacularly failed to enforce against those rules.

So an unlawfully expanded AD plant remains - blighting our village for years and HGVs continue to disturb this “special area” - but you now don’t have to worry about wooden signs on the verges, as WSCC has dealt with them!

Clearly the wooden signs represented a much more substantial threat to the tranquil character and nature of the area than an industrial AD plant .

Nice to see WSCC sweating the small stuff – how about focussing on the elephant in the room?

We are making an order for some professionally made banners to legally display from our properties. Many of you have ordered thank you. Please advise to if you wish to increase your order - and remember you can display this sign wherever you live - or you can ask a friend to display it.

3ft x 2ft is £7.  3ft x 4ft is £21.

We will also order window films/stickers for your home, or car, or shop/office for £4.20 each.