Prepare your objections to the planning application for new mega-dairy

Please spend some time today checking through the planning application for the new dairy at Crouchland Farm;

Click on the 'Site plan' to see the planned new 7 acres of concrete - planned for a pasture field opposite the AD site; surrounded on 2 sides by Ancient Woodland and known to have Barn Owls hunting - plus Great Crested Newts in nearby ponds. 

This building will dwarf the AD plant; be another scar on the landscape and will ensure that we continue to have large HGVs on our small lanes. It is simply too big for the location.  The huge new dairy building will keep 550 cows indoors, all year round (never having the chance to walk on grass) - and a total of 1300 cows on site. The new dairy is planned to be in very close proximity to Grade 2 listed buildings and would be lit for 24 hours a day. 

Objections must be in by the 5th October. Please take a look at the application above and draft your letters/emails. We plan to give you some further pointers by Thursday morning, so you have a few days after that to get your objections in.

Please advise your neighbours about this application and prepare them to write in as well. If each person who objects, tells just one other neighbour then we will crucially increase thenumbers of objections.

Please make this your plan for this week - it's your village and your future.

Thank you