Crouchlands tell resident that they aren't allowed to put a sign up!

Take a look at the link to the video below, made yesterday by Harry Rudd who lives close to Crouchland.

Within 2 hours of this video being released on the Plaistow and Ifold facebook page, a Crouchland employee was found taking Harry's sign down! He told Harry that 'It was not allowed.' If only we could take down their AD plant and lagoons - 'not allowed!'

Harry has subsequently committed to making another video and has written this;

Hello! So after making the video yesterday, I was just popping to Plaistow village stores and I caught the sign being removed! Managed to keep hold of it, so will pop it up again. I will also start planning on another video, more in depth, interviews, going more into the history of the plant and the impact it is having on the area and its community.
If anyone is interesting in being a part of this, this is my email:

Just let me know if it’s something you want to be part of.
Thanks all!

Please let us know if you;

  1. Need help making a sign
  2. Can help others make a sign
  3. Have any spare board material that you can offer for making signs

Our email is

Alternatively, we are looking at getting some professional banners made and we can organise these for you at the following prices;

3ft x 2ft = £7

3ft x 4ft = £21

3ft x 6ft = £32 etc

Look forward to hearing from you.

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