The current situation at Crouchland Biogas

The last hearing appeal was to determine the lawful use of the planning permissions that they had been granted in 2007/8/11. It was decided that it was not lawful to import feedstocks from outside the farm, but that biomethane export was lawful.

WSCC or CDC could enforce against the continued imports, but say they won't whilst the other appeal against the refusal of all Crouchlands unapproved expansion is heard ( probably because they would be liable for recompensing Crouchland for lost revenue if the appeal was successful). This next appeal relates to a change of use, over and above the permissions they do have and if successful would allow them imports. The hearing has been delayed from September 2016 to January 2017 and now to April 2017- and we don't yet know why.

It is very apparent to us that the whole affair is being dragged out, which allows Crouchland to continue without sanction. It highlights the ineffectiveness of the planning system to act on unauthorised and unlawful activities and is truly farcical. Planners should surely question their whole reason for being, if they can't stop this type of abuse.

We await news on their application for a ‘bespoke’ Environment Agency Permit, involving substantial changes to their current Standard Rules Permit (which they are in permanent breach of). We still await a decision from the Traffic Commissioner from his Public Inquiry.

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We continue to push at every level and will object to why the next appeal has been pushed out to April/May 2017