Driven off the roads by HGVs - and gunshots?

Point 1

How much more can our local roads stand of these lumbering HGVs going to and fro from Crouchland?

The roads are subsiding and areas of tarmac are actually extruding sideways leaving dangerous depressions that could easily unbalance a vehicle travelling at even moderate speed.

Along the edges of the road along Foxbridge the verges are collapsing into the ditches in places.

The weather is dry now and the ground is hard, but winter is around the corner. With wet conditions these areas will become very slippery and dangerous for all road users.

As the Highways Officer originally said, our roads are not suitable for this HGV traffic

Point 2

We are trying to find out the reason for the multiple GUNSHOTS heard last friday at Crouchlands. If you heard these, please email this site to give details. We have had no response at all from the 24 hour dedicated number described below and given to the Parish Council last week.

'Residents are requested to report issues or concerns about the Crouchland Biogas operation, such as noise, noxious gas, HGV movements, to the new 24-hour dedicated community number 01403 871504. Ask to speak to Paul Curtis, Group Operations Manager, or leave a message.'