The madness of it all - as it goes on and on.

A few of the shocking facts to remind ourselves about the Crouchland Biogas scenario;

1. Crouchland had permission in 2007/08 for an ‘on-farm’ AD plant to deal with their own slurry and crops from their own 500 acre farm – which we all supported. However, what they actually built has been described by an AD expert as an 'Internationally important scale of biomethane refinery, capable of treating 17,500,000m3 of biogas/year and was built at EIGHT times the capacity of the out...put of the farm.' Remember this is built without planning permission! The Planning Inspector has now agreed that feedstock can only come from 'on-farm', so what about the huge 8 times capacity that is already built?

2. Since April 2014 the plant has been in permanent breach of its Standard Rules Environment Agency Permit. That's nearly 2 and a half years! There have been two major pollution events since this time - June 2015 and March 2016 (and that doesn't include the pollution from December 2013 for which they have just pleaded guilty).

3. That monstrous digestate lagoon (holds approximately 12 million gallons) has been in place in our countryside, without planning permission, for 3 and a half years now.

When will any agency/authority see the madness of their systems that has allowed this fiasco to continue so long - and with no end in sight?