BBC News online; an edited Farmers Weekly article and local press coverage.

  • Remember that this plant can now only make gas from feedstock on its own farm. Biomethane created from imported feedstock is unlawful.

  • Interesting to see that the original article in Farmers Weekly has now been edited to include comment from Leon Mekitarian.

Remember that;
1.Local farms are supplying waste and crops to this plant, which has never had permission to receive this feedstock. High time the local farms considered other business arrangements.
2.They are exporting biomethane, not biogas...
3. If Leon Mekitarian really believes that 'the baseline AD plant established as lawful by this decision, is no less viable as a result' then he and Crouchland Biogas should remove the unlawful equipment, stop importing feedstock and drop their appeals.

Do also read the comments under the actual article (scroll down - and do add your own)

  • If everyone's pleased with the outcome then, as the Chair of the Parish Council said, 'We now hope that those responsible for running Crouchland Biogas respect the decision of the independent planning inspector and stop the thousands of inappropriate HGVs from causing damage to our local environment and return the site to what was fully supported by the local community, a small scale AD facility for processing on-farm slurry and waste.” Do leave your comments under the actual article