Farm Fuels HGV overturns

Just maybe the authorities will finally see why these HGVs, containing tons of digestate, are not safe on our country lanes.

The HGVs are constantly using the verge along Foxbridge Lane and this accident has proved what we have been saying all along. Allowing them to continue to use these small lanes and Foxbridge/ Rickmans Lane in particular, is unsafe to other road users. This accident now demonstrates it is a known and proven danger .

How can the Council and Highways allow this to continue? Planning appeals and process is one thing, but a demonstrated threat to safety of other road users is entirely different. Do we have to wait until a child is killed, a cyclist crushed or a driver critically injured?

Don't wait for drawn out planning appeals; act now on safety grounds - before it is too late .

The driver, thankfully is not thought to be badly injured.