John Morea from SGN avoids answering our question

So John Morea, the Chief Executive Officer of SGN was emailed the following simple question by a resident;

'On the basis that your business accepts biomethane from Crouchland Biogas at your Portsmouth site, and in light of the planning inspector's decision, I would be grateful if you could confirm that SGN will only accept biomethane from Crouchland Biogas that has lawfully been produced from 'on-farm' feedstock from Crouchland farm, and that SGN will not accept biomethane has been produced from UNLAWFULLY IMPORTED feedstock?'

Despite replying in two emails, John Morea has been unable to confirm that SGN will not accept unlawfully produced biomethane.

The inference is glaringly obvious.

SGN customers in these communities have already chosen to change providers due to SGN's continued PARTNERSHIP with Crouchland Biogas Ltd.