Lightning causes biogas plant fireball in Oxfordshire

Last year, with concern for the emergency procedures at Crouchland Biogas, a local resident visited Haslemere Fire Station asking if they were aware of the Biogas plant in Plaistow. This local Fire Station was unaware of the existence of the site.

The resident then phoned West Sussex Fire and Rescue and left three messages asking if the Fire and Rescue Department had carried out an assessment of the site and whether t...hey were fully prepared in the event of an emergency, with regard to access and the required specialized equipment. Alan Blair confirmed that they had ‘Nothing on the system at all’ about the biogas plant. The resident was able to give the Fire and Rescue Team an aerial map of the Biogas plant which will be used in the case of an emergency.

Since the resident informed the Fire and Rescue Department about this industrial site, we presume that emergency plans have been made, in case of any unexpected accidents such as this lightning strike.