Leon Mekitarian applies for new 'Gas Supply Licence' via his company 'Cowpow Ltd'

THE MANAGING DIRECTOR OF CROUCHLAND BIOGAS LTD, Leon Mekitarian APPLIES TO OFGEM, FOR A NEW 'GAS SUPPLY LICENCE'; but from his Hardnips Barn address, (just 200 yards from the Crouchland Biogas AD site) and via his new company 'Cowpow Ltd' (!) (of which he is the sole Director)

Please take a minute to comment on this application, by emailing licensing@ofgem.gov.uk
I am sure OFGEM would appreciate knowing your concerns about granting this licence to Mr Mekitarian. They would certainly be interested to also make the link with the fiasco that is Crouchland Biogas (not mentioned in the application). Hardnips Barn is approximately 200 yards from the Crouchland Biogas site - and is the residence of Mr Leon Mekitarian

The closing date for comments on this licence application is 23rd May 2016.