Partners! SGN and Crouchland Biogas Ltd.

SGN have tried to disassociate themselves from Crouchland Biogas Ltd and have stated that CBG Ltd is an ‘autonomous company’; separate from SGN.

SGN feel they have no corporate responsibility for the actions of this ‘autonomous’ company’, which their Chief Executive Officer Mr John Morea, proudly reported in his 2013 Annual Report to shareholders, that Crouchland Biogas Ltd was SGN's ‘partner’.

SGN just happen to have a fixed and floating charge on the property and of Crouchland Biogas Ltd, the ‘autonomous’ but nevertheless ‘partner’ company that SGN apparently have no corporate responsibility for; albeit a company that has multiple recorded breaches of their Environment Agency Permit, has caused significant and serious pollution events, is operating without planning permission and is the subject of an ongoing Traffic Commissioners Public Inquiry.

Readers can draw their own conclusions.