SGN; Partner with Crouchland Biogas Ltd.

When SGN were asked why they have partnered, for 20 years, with Crouchland Biogas Ltd, they replied;

''Crouchland Biogas Limited (CBL) is an autonomous company separate from SGN. Our responsibility is to ensure the green biogas CBL produces is of the correct specification and quality and is fit for use in the UK’s gas distribution system. We were very sorry to hear about this latest incident involving the Environment Agency and of course note your concerns. However, the ...ownership and operation of the site remains the responsibility of CBL and it is that company you should seek to speak with directly regarding their operations affecting your community.''

Our comment back to them is;

''Dear SGN, It does rather seem that when you, along with Crouchland Biogas Limited and the Gas Bus Alliance Limited were promoting the benefits of biomethane, you were calling each other 'partners', including your CEO - John Morea - in the SGN annual report. Now that Crouchland Biogas Limited is receiving so much negative publicity, it seems that the 'partnership' has been replaced with an arms length / nothing-to-do-with-us approach. You SGN, are the conduit that allows Crouchland Biogas to introduce their biomethane into the national grid! I’m afraid that your attitude is slightly dated and closer to the times when retailers used to wash their hands of suppliers actions. I think you’ll find that in today's climate, the right thing to do is to take responsibility for your suppliers actions and not wash your hands.''

23rd March update on the pollution; from the Environment Agency;

We would like to thank the community again for all the information and support that you are providing related to this incident.

The clean-up operation is ongoing and the operator continues to reduce the amount of pollutant by tankering. We have had an increased presence on site working to mitigate any further impacts on the local environment.

Our monitoring will continue over the bank holiday and we will provide updates on the ongoing response. We are using all our available regulatory powers to ensure the operator continues to comply with our instructions including the disposal of the pollutant.

Despite the improving situation we are still warning that people and animals should stay away from the polluted area whilst our emergency response is ongoing.

We continue to work with our enforcement teams to ensure the operator complies with the conditions of their permit.

We will keep you updated as this situation evolves.

Please feel free to share this update with the wider community.