BBC South News - Sunday 6.25pm

Crouchland are continually pumping out the pollution 1.5 kms downstream from the spill - multiple loads which will continue for days. More bunds will be put in place tomorrow to try and stop the polluting liquid. Contamination of the Ancient Woodland continues beyond this point into Ifold, where the EA are now setting up other points on private land from which to pump out the pollution.

There are now problems deciding where to evacuate the polluting material, as the lagoons are already overfull. Sewage companies will not take it until it has been fully tested, and presumably spreading to land is not an option either.

The facts remain that Crouchlands Biogas cannot and have not, ever been able to manage their waste digestate, which has led to them storing the material in places their permit does not allow - and causing the two massive pollution incidents that have affected our neighbourhood.

The BBC spent three hours on saturday morning filming. 

Mr Mekitarian has returned from Chile tonight and presumably will assess whether he still believes that the incident amounts to a 'Small spill.'

Coverage will be on BBC news - Sunday 6.25pm.