Plaistow, Ifold and Kirdford show sadness, disbelief and anger

The pollution is worse than we thought and has travelled further downstream than last summer's environmental pollution by Crouchland Biogas. All invertebrate life has been killed at least down to Springfield Farm in Ifold (over 1.5 kilometres downstream) and the few fish which miraculously survived after last summer's pollution, have been also found dead. Enormous sand bags have been placed in the stream at Springfield to try and reduce flow downstream to Loxwood.

The EA released this update;

17 March update

We would like to thank the local community for their ongoing involvement in this incident.

We have now identified the source of this significant pollution incident and have stopped any further polluting matter from escaping into the environment. We are working with the operator to ensure an effective clean-up operation takes place.

We have 4 teams out on site dealing with the pollution and gathering evidence. We are talking to key witnesses from the local community to help inform our investigation.

Our Area incident room remains open to co-ordinate our response to this significant pollution incident.

We will commit to update you again by lunchtime tomorrow, or sooner if we have any further details to share with you.

We ask that any further information be communicated to us using our incident hotline 0800 80 70 60.

Please feel free to share this update with the wider community.

There is something desperately sad when you walk along the bluebell banks of an Ancient Woodland stream in Spring and see deadly liquid suffocating all the life in that stream.
Added to this, is the knowledge that the perpetrator does not have required planning permission; has 4 appeals pending; has multiple breaches to it's EA Permit - and has done the same thing to our streams only last June.
Crouchlands seem incapable of storing their digestate safely. They have no permit to store digestate in lagoons 1, 2 or 4. Last year's pollution came from lagoon 2 and yesterdays spill from lagoon 4. Someone honestly needs tell us why they are allowed to continue operating, when they openly appear to flout basic rules of their permit - and cause tragic damage to the countryside we love?

If anyone reading this can help us, please get in contact via 01403 871472

'Silent Spring' comes to mind.