Why can't Crouchland Biogas be more like Wyke Farm Biogas?

Why can't Crouchland Biogas be more like Wyke Farm Biogas?

Wyke Farm only use their own animal waste, instead of importing fuel crops like maize along tiny rural lanes. Wyke Farm inject their gas directly to the grid at the farm, rather than having to transport HGV tankers of gas by country lane to Portsmouth three times a day. On top of that Wyke Farm cleverly fuels it's own village of Bruton with gas - but Crouchland is located in an area with no gas connection so even our ...locals couldn't benefit!

If Crouchland had applied for planning permission before they built their plant, then these issues would have been discussed in a professional way and we wouldn't be in the mess we are in now, facing 4 appeals by Crouchland with the Planning Inspectorate.

To quote from the article;

'Large parts of the UK are being cultivated for fuel crops. Worse, maize is often grown in a way that increases soil erosion, accelerates the run-off from rainfall and exacerbates flooding.

Environmental journalist George Monbiot believes the original aims of anaerobic digesters have now been corrupted. "There could scarcely be a better formula for subverting everything biogas is supposed to achieve," he claimed.

Back in Somerset, Mr Clothier has read all the controversy. He insists he is only going to feed his gas tanks with waste.

"My grandfather always used to say 'be good to nature, and nature will be good to you'.