Gas transport along new routes. Unlawful anyway!

Crouchland Biogas built their plant without initially seeking planning permission; they have subsequently had their retrospective planning application rejected; have been served 2 planning enforcement notices and have had the conditioning and export of biomethane ruled UNLAWFUL by West Sussex County Council. Crouchland Biogas are appealing the enforcement notices and the rejected retrospective planning application.

However, the unlawful use of the site REMAINS UNLAWFUL until such time as an authority declares it otherwise. In short it is currently unlawful and will remain so, unless this decision is overturned or any appeal is determined.

As taxpayers we find it wholly unacceptable that a government department should be subsidising an unlawful operation. This is a misuse of public spending and taxpayers money.

We believe that these subsidies should be halted and subsidies received to date reclaimed, until such time the conditioning and export of biomethane from Crouchland Biogas is determined as lawful.

In the meantime, as seen in the photo taken this afternoon (saturday) they continue to export gas as they wish - and along routes which do not concur with their proposed routes in their planning application. These gas tankers travelled through Pulborough and the small villages of Coldwaltham and Watersfield, on their journeys to Portsmouth.