What exactly is SGN's involvement at Crouchland Biogas?

We shouldn't lose sight of the fact that SGN partnered with Crouchland Biogas Ltd for 20 years - and they did that, despite the lack of planning permissions.

SGN own the enormous PURAC gas conditioning system at Crouchlands - installed without planning permission - and are responsible for its operation (photo 1 shows part of this PURAC system)

The conditioned gas (biomethane) is then taken by Farm Fuels HGV tanker to SGN's grid connection at Portsdown Hill, Portsmouth (photo 2)


John Morea, the CEO, still advises us that, "SGN is a responsible company and we have a continuous dialogue with the operators on issues that are not deemed our responsibility, but which nevertheless affect the wider community working and living at, or in the vicinity of the farm"

We trust that John Morea is keeping his eye firmly on the developments at Crouchland Biogas.